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It's getting hot in here.....


Many business and home owners are realizing, even seattle weather can really turn up the heat. Sun coming in directly through your windows can raise your the temperature rather quickly. I have noticed heat fluctuations as much as 25 degrees. That can really reek havoc on your air conditioners and power bills. It also makes those rooms extremely uncomfortable. We know from installing films for over 12 years that even as we are putting up the films clients instantly feel the difference and thank us. This service is usually fast and efficient with little interruption in your life. We can finish most installs within one day and the savings and comfort are there to stay. You will also gain a great deal of protection from the sun's harmful rays. UV protection and glare reduction come right along with heat reduction. This means your home and skin will have permanent sun screen installed. No more fading issues and annoying glare. Our on site estimates are always free, and we leave you with samples to see the differences for yourself. Call today Residential line (425) 372 7259

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Amen. I own a tinting company in Florida and we are always looking for good blog article ideas - I love this one. In my experience, the average person sees window tinting as something for their car. Many folks do not even realize the benefits they could be getting by tinting the windows on their home or office. We have seen huge savings on AC bills from happy customers, especially those with a large office or house. Great stuff!

Great post!! Thank you so much for writing such a great post. Home window tinting provides security against harmful UV rays. it also provides decorative features for your home.

Customers are becoming more discerning in what they want from window tinting. Once customers were happy if a film reduced heat and fading, blocked UV and gave privacy from neighbors. Those benefits are now a given and customers will also demand a film that is not too reflective, will not make their home feel dark, or they may want a clear film that won't spoil their views at night. We work in an amazing industry where innovative manufacturers have responded to the rising expectations of homeowners by creating new products we can offer our customers.

I agree with David. Customers are becoming more demanding but demanding customers and competition is what drives innovation and allows an industry to grow. Take either away and it means no one cares, and an industry begins to decline and eventually will die.

Can't say I could put it better myself

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