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Protect Your ‘Baby's’ Paint From Rock Chips & More

Why should I get a paint protection kit installed on my vehicle?

If you want to keep your ride looking good long-term you should definitely be considering it. Paint protection kits are designed to cover any area that would be prone to premature damage or scratching from daily use of the vehicle. The film is nearly invisible, and we can install a complete kit on most all vehicles within a day.

Paint Protection Film helps with the resale of your car too. Ask yourself this: if you had the choice to buy a used car with rock chips all over the front of it, or a car that looks almost perfect, which would you choose? The choice is obvious. Paint Protection Film can also be removed after the warranty has expired (5 years), or just leave it on for continued protection. Care for the product is almost the same as taking care of your paint.

Think of Paint Protection Film as cheap insurance for your vehicle's finish. Plus, not having to worry about the semi-truck in front of you is...well...priceless.

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